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Our Roofing Process

Our roofing process is designed to make your experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Whether you need roof repair or replacement, you can rest assured you’ll love the result. 

We provide thorough, clear communication from the time you contact us all the way to completion, making sure all your questions and concerns are addressed!

Here’s the step by step process we use for each of our projects.

Roof Inspection

roof inspection

The initial step of our process is to inspect your roof to assess damage or installation requirements

Once you decide to work with us, we dispatch one of our trained roofing inspectors to determine the extent of damage.

During the inspection, we develop a thorough understanding of your repair or installation needs, material and shingle choices, and anything else we need to know. The inspection gives us a solid understanding of the project and what needs to be done.

Preparation and Roof Material Selection

shingle material and color selection

Shingle material and color selection involves careful planning and selection in coordination with us.

Part of the project includes choosing materials, colors, and hardware selection. Whether you choose asphalt, tile, wood, or other shingles, we recommend and use the highest quality, longest lasting materials available.

After you review and approve our work estimate including material and labor costs we begin work prep. Depending on the circumstances such as space availability, we may want to deliver the materials in advance and store them on your driveway or yard. Initial preparations include tearing off the old roof.

Before the tear-off, there might be some prep work including:

  • Installing safety boards
  • Protecting your landscaping
  • Moving yard furniture, flower pots, or any other items you’d like to protect


construction process

Our construction process usually lasts only one or two days after material selection.

Our roofing crew begins by removing the old roof, including the plywood. We remove all old shingles as well as the felt paper to ensure your new roof has a new and solid foundation.

Once the roof is ready, our expert crew install a new underlayment layer. Then we install an additional rubberized underlayment layer along the roof’s bottom edge where snow, ice, and rain may have caused damage.

Assuming we are installing shingles, after we place the underlayment, the starter shingles are installed, then regular shingles, then the ridge cap and hip shingles. At this stage, roof flashings are installed and the venting components necessary for the roof’s ventilation system.

Final Finishes and Details

final finishes

After construction we conduct our final finishing touches and walkover.

Our roofing process is not complete until you are 100% satisfied with the service provided. Once the roof work is completed we sweep and clean the driveways/sidewalks, rake lawns and clean the plants to ensure that all unwanted debris is removed from the site.

We then haul everything away, leaving your home and yard nice and clean to your satisfaction.

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We treat your property exactly like it was our own, ensuring we prevent any damage and over-delivering on your expectations.

We’ll work with you through every step of the roofing process, starting with the initial project evaluation, planning, material selection and design—all the way through the roof installation.

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